Commercial Energy Consultants for Med Spas

The medical spa industry has grown tremendously, and will continue to grow. Med Spas provide radiofrequency treatments, phototherapy, laser procedures, and more.

This industry relies heavily on energy-based devices. ABA Partners Plus can help your med spa save money by lowering your energy costs with our energy management solutions.

Energy-Based Devices Are Key In Med Spa Growth 

At ABA Partners Plus, we support growth in your industry. We understand that med spas are continually upgrading their technology due to advancements in non-invasive treatments. As long as technology continues to advance and allows people to look and feel better about themselves, there will always be a market. We want to provide a cost-effective solution for the constant use of energy in your business.

Our team of commercial energy consultants at ABA Partners Plus has decades of experience helping clients manage their energy consumption. We analyze your billing history to identify savings opportunities. Once we discover saving opportunities, these can turn into profits and benefit your business. You can invest everything you save in expanding your business even further. 

We Help You Lower Your Energy Bills

Businesses often pay energy providers whatever they charge because energy is such a necessary part of running a business. If you feel you have no say in your energy consumption because you lack options, our commercial energy consultants will help. It’s our priority to provide you with energy solutions for the right price. Your business will no longer have to settle for energy providers blindly. 

Our team suggests energy-efficient improvements. Your business will save on energy just by being more efficient during its operation hours.

Increase Profits By Reducing Costs

At ABA Partners Plus, we take steps to find if you have any potential credits that could possibly lower your energy costs. We perform detailed research regarding your current providers and your business operations. Once we have gathered all the pertinent information, we will share our findings and our recommendations with you.


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