Energy is such an essential part of any business’ day-to-day function that it often goes unnoticed — or worse, you end up paying whatever your provider asks for because you need to power your business.

You feel you have no options of providers or energy solutions, simply because your business needs to keep the lights (and more) on.

ABA Partners + offers the most powerful energy solutions in the market so your company can make well-timed energy purchases at the right price, for the right reasons.

Gone are the days of blindly settling for what you’re given.

With ABA, your efficiency and your savings are a priority.

When you work with our team of experts, you gain the benefits of a well-connected and experienced group working with an extensive network of suppliers to find the best options for you.
Helping You Help Yourself

Here’s how we put your energy needs first and give you solutions that actually help your business grow, and not just survive.

We audit your bills — confidentially. Auditing your past energy spending can be overwhelming when you have so many other vital tasks to complete, and you have a limited understanding of your bills. We have years auditing our clients’ bills, and we do it with a guarantee of full confidentiality.

We assign a dedicated team to your company. Your team is focused on their essential tasks — let us take care of this one, full-time, with all our expertise behind it.

We find hidden savings. Often you may not even realize you could be saving in one area of your energy spending or consumption. We’ve done this for many other companies, and we know where to look.

We leverage our unique industry relationships and work with energy providers to negotiate the best terms on your behalf. The over 100 suppliers we work with nationwide offer a variety of solutions, and we will make sure we find the one for you.

We find the lowest costs across all those suppliers. You were probably overwhelmed with options or only given limited ones when you first obtained an energy supplier, but we know prices and costs so well, that we know which one will fit your budget, and where to get it for you.

We help you lower costs. If we can’t help you spend less, we’ll help you save more. Often businesses don’t see ways that their operations can cut energy spending. Let us give you our expert secrets.

We suggest energy efficiency improvements. Your business can save on energy just by being more efficient with it, and we can show you how.

We help you direct savings to other improvements. Your energy savings can fund your other projects, remodels, and reinvestments, and we can help you with that process as well.

We help you fund your energy initiatives. With more and more of the world going green and implementing renewable energy, your business shouldn’t stay behind. As the energy experts, we can recommend programs and grants to fund your initiatives, including grants, House Bills, tax incentives, and rebates.

Gas & Electric
We understand the frustration of being inundated with all the energy options since deregulation, and not knowing what to choose or when to pull the trigger.

When you partner with ABA, we will assist you in making informed and objective comparisons between gas and electric suppliers.

We’ll also provide market insight needed to minimize risks, predict economic forecasts for budgeting and negotiate purchase strategies.
Through energy assessments, project management and in-house grant specialists, ABA Partners Plus finds ways to cut costs and fund energy initiatives.

Our consulting solutions have saved area businesses millions of dollars, and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to new energy projects.

We begin by having you sign a letter of authorization that will allow us to gather billing history from each of your energy service providers.

Then we will assign a team of engineers to your organization who will begin the auditing process.

We will also have our grant specialists research your organizations eligibility for grants, House Bills, tax incentives and rebates.

Once we have an opportunity to analyze consumption, identify areas for improvement and determine potential credits, we will then present our findings to you.
Lighting, Roofing, & Mechanicals
Lighting, roofing and other mechanicals has changed over the last decade in so many ways that the options are often overwhelming.

ABA Partners Plus will create energy systems for your needs using our unique processes, and by leveraging our strategic partnerships with the best lighting, roofing and mechanicals engineers in the area.

Keeping in mind how all these pieces work together, our goal is to work with you to create a system that will be the MOST energy efficient while providing all the aesthetic and cost saving benefits of a great lighting, roofing or HVAC system.


There are only 2 ways to increase profits, increase sales or reduce costs.

What will you choose this year?

Let ABA find your hidden savings.
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