Energy Saving Tips:
10 Simple Ways To Reduce Business Energy Costs

ABA Partners Plus has a lot of experience helping business owners save money from their power consumption, and during the time we’ve been working on this, we’ve discovered that you can save energy and money doing simple things every day.

We want to share with you ten simple ways to reduce your business energy costs.

Switch Off Anything You Can

If you’re not using the scanner, printer, microwave, any light, etc. make sure to switch them off. If any of them is plugged in, it will use power. Switching them off after working hours. will conserve energy and reduce your energy bill.

Get Energy Audit Regularly

Getting an energy audit will help you identify the areas that are using more electricity to trim down your energy needs. You can hire an audit company to do it for you and ensure you’re using your energy efficiently.

Use LED Lights

LED Lights are a great option to lower your energy bills. They can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and they have a longer lifespan.

Use The Hibernation Feature

Laptops and desktops have a hibernate feature that keeps your existing work and you can continue working from the same point the next day. You can schedule the hibernation mode after work and on weekends.

Reduce Paper

If you print only the necessary, you can reduce your energy costs, paper wastage and will make your printer’s life longer.

Use Energy-Efficient Devices

Nowadays, there are many energy-efficient devices that could save you money if you use them at your workplace. They can cost a little more than the ones you’re used to buying, but it will save you money in the long run.

Track Your Heating And Cooling

Depending on the weather, you can increase or reduce the air temperature. This can save you up to 10% of the electricity you usually spend.

Minimize Artificial Lighting

Skylights are free, so why use artificial lights? Try to use day to light as much as you can and artificial lights in places that really need it. If you save energy, you will save money on your electricity bills.

Use Energy Star Appliances On Your Outdated Equipment 

When heaters and air conditioners get old, they don’t work efficiently and can draw unnecessary power. To save that energy, you can replace your decade-old heaters and air conditioners with energy star ones.

Install Solar Panels

Solar energy is free. It can be expensive getting a solar panel but you can recover within a few years. Solar panels don’t require a lot of maintenance and they last longer.

If you want to know more about how to take care of your energy bills or save up to 20% or more on energy costs annually, you can contact ABA Partners Plus to evaluate your particulate case and provide you with professional assistance. 


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