How Medical Facilities Can Minimize Energy Consumption

Medical facilities expend vast amounts of energy in their daily operations, resulting in high costs and low efficiency.

ABA Partners + can help your medical facility minimize their energy consumption and save you money for more critical spending.

Here are some ways we recommend saving energy:

Reduce unused secondary energy consumption

Personal computers, printers, copiers, and scanners that remain unused yet plugged in and turned on will not make a significant change in your electric bill.

However, if you add up the number of printers, scanners, and random electronic devices that remain unused in your company, multiply that by 365 days, then again for the time it has been plugged in, which can be years.

As an example, a study performed in a medical facility with 500 computers would convert into a $150,000 worth of cost savings over three years on computers alone.

That's a considerable amount of savings you could be investing in other efforts.

Install LED Lighting

Use less than one-third of the energy consumed by fluorescents and seven times less than incandescent lighting, and they last longer.

Choose energy-efficient equipment

Always look for Energy Star certification on larger equipment such as servers that will reduce power draw and measure real-time power use, such as regular-use items like monitors, improving efficiency as much as 25%.

Contact an energy broker professional

At ABA Partners +, we like to take a relaxed and easy approach when starting a new partnership with an institution looking to make the best out of energy efficiency savings.

We audit your current energy usage and bring to light any flaws or areas of opportunity that need work on, then create a savings and energy efficiency plan.

After that, you can focus on your savings and energy improvements.

Our onboarding process goes a little like this: 

  1. Sign. Letter of Authorization that will allow us to gather your billing history from each utility/service provider. 
  2. Team. We will assign a team of professionals to start the auditing process. 
  3. Solutions. We will uncover any errors, create solutions, and present them to you for approval.
  4. Savings. Implement the changes with specific entities identified. Future bills will remain error-free. Refunds will be sent directly to you.


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