Save Energy Costs As Employees Return To The Office

After months of working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have decided to reopen their offices and employees are returning.

If you are a small business owner and are looking into welcoming employees back into the office, you might be worried about energy costs. 

Here are a few solutions that will help you save energy, save on your electricity bill, and maintain a more sustainable workplace.

Use More Natural Light

Natural light is free and beneficial for mental health. Artificial lights consume more energy and won’t help you reduce your electric bill.

Only use artificial lights in areas where natural light can’t reach.

Remember to switch lights off in rooms that are not in use or don’t need to be used for more than a couple of minutes, such as meeting rooms, pantry, or stairs.

Choose Energy Efficient Equipment and Lighting

As you return to the office, the goal is to spend less on electricity bills. When you do have to use lighting, it’s recommended to transition to energy-efficient light bulbs.

They consume less energy and last longer.

You can also use energy-efficient equipment such as laptops instead of desktops as they consume less energy.

Monitor size significantly influences the amount of energy consumed.

Control Temperature

You can reduce your energy consumption by up to 10% if you control your cooling and heating in the office.

Keeping doors and windows closed will help cold or heated air from escaping, which will make your system work properly without increasing energy consumption.

Try not to make such a drastic change in temperature from the office and the outside.

Get An Energy Audit

Energy audits will evaluate your office’s energy efficiency to determine whether you are using too much energy for regular business operations.

They will also check if your saving efforts are making a difference.

With an audit, you can find hidden electricity-saving opportunities that you can implement for a significant change.

Professionals will help you cut your electricity bills.

Save Energy Now With ABA Partner Plus

Since energy is crucial for business operations, you must ensure that you have the best providers and that energy isn’t breaking your budget.

At ABA Partners Plus, we offer powerful energy solutions so that your company can pay the right price for electricity. It is our priority to help you with energy efficiency and savings.

We have the resources to provide you with the options that best fit your needs. Lower your energy bills today!


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