Saving On Electricity At Home - 5 Untold Tips

If you want to save electricity, you don’t need to follow a hundred tips, all at the same time. You could focus on just one and you’ll see the difference in your next energy bill. ABA Partners Plus has a lot of experience taking care of people’s energy bills and looking for more ways to save money on electricity. We, as energy brokers and energy consultants, will tell you 5 untold tips to save energy on electricity in your home.

Take Cold Showers

Heating water is expensive. If you opt for taking cold showers you will save water, electricity, and with all that, money.

Stop Using The Oven

Ditching the oven is an easy way to save electricity. If you use lower wattage devices like microwaves, ovens, and crock you can save a lot of money.

Stop Using Your Freezer

If you use your freezer just for hunting season, consider unplugging it completely. You’re losing about $100 when you barely use your freezer.

Close Doors And Shut Curtains

It sounds basic but it works. If you keep your curtains closed during the day you reduce incoming heat by as much as 30%. This way your air conditioner doesn’t have to compensate for additional heat.

Regulate The Air Conditioning Properly

Air conditioning is the biggest source of energy consumption when it comes to electric bills. One of the most important things to save energy from your AC is to give it regular maintenance so you don’t have to suffer from energy waste because it is not working well. 

See? Saving energy is not that hard, and you can focus on one of the tips above and you’ll see the difference. You don’t have to do big things, you can make it doing small things. 

If you want to go deeper into saving energy at home, you can contact ABA Partners Plus to provide you with professional assistance.


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